Affordable luxury hand-crafted DIVA soaps and essentials ~
*Hippy & Diva approved* 
Inspired by my grandmother many moons ago to learn many new crafts & always make it the best it can be. Unfortunately this was not one of them.  Self taught and  always wishing she was here to share this awesomeness. 

Many of my soaps are made somewhat like it was back in her time,  the old fashioned way in small 5-10 pound batches, but now its made in a crock type pot instead, but still hand stirred and cut.  Occasionally I use decorative molds instead of the regular loaf or square molds. I love them all.  I love the natural cut bars and ornate ones, unscented or scented ,  essential oils or fragrances. Also, I try to always color my soaps with herbs, and or clay, love the feel of soap with clay in it.  

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