Inspired mostly by my grandmother "Esther Allen" 
many moons ago with all her creativity, 
I was taught many things especially  different crafts. 

She was a terrific woman, she taught many of us to cook, garden, crafts. 

She was a very earthy, social, giving, loving and intelligent woman. 
She taught all of us to always do our best and make it the best it can be.  
My mom *Esther says I remind her of her of Mama Allen~  

That's a HUGE compliment to me!!
Many of my soaps are made somewhat like it was made back in my grandma's time, 

yes the old fashioned way in small 5-10 pound batches. But since times have changed a lot and modern ways have taught new ways of making soap. Yes,  I make soap in a crock pot or like pots instead, but its still hand stirred, cut and wrapped. 

 Occasionally I use decorative molds instead of the regular loaf or square molds when pouring my soap to give it some special detail. I love them all and its hard to pick a favorite and leaning more and more into using them, 
I see how much my customers love the designs. 
 I love the natural cut bars, the ornate ones,  unscented, scented ,
  essential oils or fragrances ...lets just say I love them all even the manly scented ones.
Also, I try to always color my soaps with herbs, and or clay to stay as natural as possible.
I  totally love the feel of my soaps with clay in them and how smooth my skin feels.

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