Inspired mostly by my grandmother "Esther Allen"  many moons ago with all her creativity, her love for making things and having pride in her work. As a young child I was taught so many things I find useful still today. She was a terrific woman, she taught so many of us how to cook, sew, gardening, lots of different crafts, canning, and much more. She was a very earthy, social, giving, loving and intelligent woman.  She taught all of us to always do our best and make it the best it can be.  My mom*Esther says I remind her of her mother we so lovingly call "Mama Allen"~  That's a HUGE compliment to me!! 

My mom, also name Esther, has always taught us to never give up trying no matter what or who is trying to change your ideas, she taught us how to succeed even when the odds are stacking up and to be compassionate, caring and considerate as best as we can....although I tend to tell it how it is most of the time like it or not, the truth is the truth~ But I still have my southern charm :) Ok enough of my jabbering about me...

Many of my soaps are made some what like it was made back in my grandma's time, 

yes the old fashioned way in small 5-10 pound batches. But since times have changed a lot and modern ways have taught new ways of making soap. Yes,  I make soap in a crock pot or like pots instead, but its still hand stirred, cut and wrapped. 

Occasionally I use decorative molds instead of the regular loaf or square molds when pouring my soap to give it some special detail. I love them all and its hard to pick a favorite and leaning more and m
ore into using them, I see how much my customers love the designs. I love the natural cut bars, the ornate ones,  unscented, scented, essential oils or fragrances ...lets just say I love them all even the manly scented ones. I try to always color my soaps with herbs, and or clay to stay as natural as possible. I  totally love the feel of my soaps with clay in them and how smooth my skin feels. *CHECK out my SHUGAR SCRUBS....oh how I love these!!

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